10 Amazing Beauty Hacks for Soft and Smooth Skin in Winter
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10 Amazing Beauty Hacks for Soft and Smooth Skin in Winter

Hello people,

We have been talking a lot about winter style and other fashion things ideal for winters. You should all be thinking that that’s why we’re not addressing the main winter problem…….. Dry skin… I know this is a piece of a problem that takes a toll on all of us.

I’m a person who has dry skin all year round, so you just have to imagine my state in winter. Scallops skin, dry hair, and what not….. I have some tips and tricks that make my skin’s way easy to survive during the winter.

I’m not someone who keeps such amazing hacks to me and I thought why not share them with all of you.

Do not wait any longer, continue reading to guide your way to soft and smooth skin even in winter. Check out the best beauty hacks in winter to attain soft and smooth skin.

Soft exfoliates

You should never say no to exfoliation, even in winter. But always ensure to use gentle exfoliate, any abrasive exfoliation can do more damage than any good. If you resort to natural exfoliates, that’s even better. I like to use a mixture of honey, cream cheese, and grass flour. The paste of these exfoliates the skin very well and also provides the much-needed hydration.

Plucking the dead skin’s lip

  • Why keep Exfoliation limited to the body when your lips also need regular exfoliation. But you have to be super nice about it. I know people are in a habit of rubbing the wet towel against their lips to remove dead skin, and that they deem it great however, it really isn’t, the best thing to do.
  • Instead of trying a mixture of sugar and oil or any moisturizing oil to gently leaf your lips. If you’re on a trip and can’t pick up sugar and oil, all you need is chapstick and the refined sugar packaged that gets you with coffee and tea. Apply a generous amount of lipstick to the lips and proceed with sugar exfoliation, which helps surprisingly.

Silk it with milk

This is not for the first time you are coming through milk to reveal a silky soft skin. Apply raw milk to your face and dry stains from your skin, ban it on your skin for ten minutes, and rinse with cold water. Do not use warm or warm water to clean it then it won’t benefit you anyway.

Say no to hot showers

We absolutely love hot showers during the winter, but the temporary luxury to long-time damage is how we can understand the effects of hot showers. Hot showers are certainly soothing, but at the same time, plucking the skin from natural oils, thus leaving your skin even drier. Also, try limiting your bathing time to 10 minutes to 15 minutes. Long baths are of no help.

Moisturize it Right

  • Said no to hot showers, I didn’t tell you that people jump into the icy water bath. Of course it’s beneficial that way, but hot bath should be fine. Hot showers open the pores of the skin and that is the best time to moisturize your body and face.
  • Apply moisturizer right after shower or wash your face, as when the pores are open the moisturizer penetrates into your skin, thus guaranteeing deep hydration.
  • If you are considering applying makeup, wait 5-10 minutes after moisturizers to apply any makeup.

Oil it before the shower

All of us have always followed the hydration routine after the shower. Let’s go back to childhood, it’s not people remembering how our moms used to oil and massaging our bodies before we bathe. If you could not recover it, you can see the same being done for small children around us.
Well, this is followed by a reasonable-the kids ‘ skin is very soft and delicate and needs a lot of hydration. If you are someone on the skin side negatively dries, you should also follow this or better, I must say swear by it. Take your favorite oil and massage your body with it before taking a bath, and feel the difference.

Watch your knees and elbows

Knees and elbows are the driest skin areas, so you have to pay extra attention to these. Your regular moisturizers may not provide adequate hydration to these areas, just as they do for the rest of your body. Dab these areas with Vaseline or thick wax-based products to help moisturize.

Natural body and face packaging

Winter is a time when the material in your pantry can work magic for you. Instead of trying commercially sold packages for face and body, you should give a chance to avocados, papaya, banana, honey, olive oil, aloe Vera, etc. Any mixture of these cannot help to moisturize, but also reveal a beautiful glow.

Heal Cracked Heels

Don’t ignore your whole feet to take care of your whole body. A pair of comfortable socks and Vaseline is all you need to soften your feet and heal your heels. If Vaseline is not your thing, you can try any of your foot cream. Keep in mind that your foot cream is very rich in texture. Apply the cream, wear your socks, and stay in bed. Discover soft feet the next morning.

Nourishing from within

After talking all about things that can be done from the top to soften and moisturize the skin in winter, now it’s time to remind everyone that what you put in your stomach shows on your skin. So, enjoy this vegetarian season and eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Not only do these help reveal incredibly beautiful skin, but also provide food for your entire body.

Nourish within

With all these tips ensure drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. I also remember that skin heels at night, so never miss in your skin care regimen overnight.

I hope people liked to read this article, and also have some help with it. Let me know your secrets to help fight dry skin during the winter.


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