Top 3 Best HPV Wart Removal Treatments

Top 3 Best HPV Wart Removal Treatments

Human Papillomavirus(HPV) is a microbe that causes outward skin growth with a rough, grainy appearance and varies color from beige to brown. These small structures can materialize on any part of the body and areas with mucous membranes.HPV infections generally induce warts on the body. HPV has more than a hundred different strains of its kind, but each virus has its favorite skin ground to seize.

HPV illness arises when the virus gains entry into your body through what may be a tiny cut, a skin rash or an abrasion. The most common reason for the escalation of a virus is direct human-to-human contact. Thus, you may now be aware that warts are contagious.

Also, warts spread when a person touches something that has come in contact with warts. Hence you must be careful to touch things that you know may have been in contact with the virus. In case of such an eventuality, you must thoroughly wash your hands and feet with soap and water.

There are many types of warts, each caused by a different type of virus. Some microbes cause small and bumpy warts, while others may cause larger and painful ones.

HPV Wart Removal Treatments

The most prevalent types of warts are:

1. Flat warts

These mostly occur on the face, neck, and other parts of the body. They may be white, beige, or brown.

2. Common Warts

These are small, pinkish outgrowths that are usually caused on the site of an earlier skin wound. They may have a smooth or a rough surface; it depends on the germ causing it.

3. Genital Warts

These usually emerge singularly or in clusters. They have an irregular, cauliflower-like pattern that is most prominent on the tip of the penis and scrotum in males and on vaginal openings and labia in females. These lesions are mostly contracted due to sexual intercourse or having numerous sexual partners.

4. Plantar warts

These are the most painful of all. They appear on the weight-bearing regions of your feet, like soles and heels of the feet. Plantar warts mostly develop callus underneath. Before you knock on your dermatologist’s door for seeking professional care, you might want to try some at-home treatments that are so much better than home remedies. Take a look at the top picks that might aid you in getting rid of these troublesome spots, clear your skin and give it back its former flawless self.

Let’s jump to the Top 3 Best HPV Wart Removal Treatments that work efficiently,

I. Compound W Maximum Strength One Step Invisible Wart Remover Strips

Containing 40% salicylic acid as its effective ingredient, one cannot complain about these adhesive tapes since they leave no room for it.

They give discreet protection from prying eyes and also have the maximum medication required to eradicate the wart. They are lined with extra cushioning to give comfort. However, it should not be used for children below three years of age.

The pads are self-adhesive and waterproof. A pack of 14 strips costs approximately USD 13.49.

Pros of the product:

Cons of the product:

Customer Reviews:

  1. “This worked! I was sceptical but wanted to try this before going to the doctor. I don’t know how long it took exactly because I put it on for a couple of days and then it scratched off.”
  2. “I used this product for about a week and a half. I followed the instructions. This product did its job.”

II. WARTICIDE Fast-Acting Wart Remover

Enriched with beneficial components like Salicylic acid, tea tree oil and cedar leaf oil, this wart remover is just the solution to get rid of these pesky irritations. It is a topical cure that works consistently on eliminating warts right from their source.

Upon regular usage, it will ensure that there are no warts left to incite further trouble. It is manufactured in the USA, keeping the FDA’s safety factors and regulations in mind. The product can be sourced at the cost of roughly USD 23.96 for 1 Fl. Oz.

Pros of the product:

Cons of the product:

Customer Reviews:

  1. “Warticide is the best wart treatment I’ve ever used and believe me I tried them all! I work outside and often get plantar warts on my hands. Warticide works very fast and has never failed me. Thanks for the great product!”
  2. “Really works! Just keep up with treatments. I’m so glad that I got this product, honestly. I didn’t want to spend a lot on something that doesn’t work, but for those of you worrying, I can promise this works well.”

III. Curad – CUR01496 MediplastCurad – CUR01496 Mediplast

Coming highly recommended from physicians and dermatologists, it has 40% Salicylic Acid as it’s active ingredient. It is suitable for all kinds of calluses, corns and warts.

It is “2×3”  and can be cut into numerous pieces for worthwhile use. The plaster can also be safeguarded into position with Curad tape. It costs about 40.31 USD but the price may vary from seller to seller.

Pros of the product:

Cons of the product:

Customer Reviews:

  1. “I’m so glad I tried this product. It’s been about 6 months since I stopped and the wart is completely gone.”
  2. “This treatment was recommended by my doctor for some stubborn warts that just would not go away. Don’t be put off by the cost.”
  3. “These are great! I’m about 3 weeks in with them. I’ve been using them to tackle 3 deep plantar warts I have. I went from feeling like I was constantly walking on a lego to just a little poke. The pain is almost completely gone. You can definitely feel these strips working their magic but it is not painful at all.”

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