Birthmark Removal Cream: A Natural Way to Get Rid of Birthmarks

Birthmark Removal Cream: A Natural Way to Get Rid of Birthmarks

Birthmarks, for the most part, make or break the identity of a person – depending on types, size, place of occurrence, and complications. They are a rather inquisitive feature that may be in the form of a spot or a bump and are in general harmless and may have occurred due to any number of reasons. Though prevention of birthmarks isn’t possible, their presence may be a curse or a blessing. The best birthmark removal cream can do the trick for you in helping you get rid of the birthmarks

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For instance, a strategically placed mole or any other mark can add character to the face of an individual. Imagine the mole on Marilyn Monroe’s face? But there are cases, when birthmarks are unwanted like port wine stains, discoloration, or large, raised moles – especially in areas that are exposed can be embarrassing, emotionally stunting, and cause lowered self-confidence levels.

Causes of Birthmarks

The most curious thing about birthmarks is that no one really knows the exact cause. Some may be hereditary, or caused due to defective cellular migration during fetal development. And no matter what, pregnant women cannot do anything to prevent them from occurring. It’s just not your fault. Vascular birthmarks like port wine stains or salmon patches may be caused by blood vessels cluttering underneath the skin.


Then there are the pigmented birthmarks like cafe au lait marks, moles, and Mongolian spots that can be caused by over-concentration of pigments in one particular area. Any infant with a birthmark should be examined by a pediatrician to detect uncommon conditions that might arise out of them so as to offer treatment timely and effectively.

Treatments Available

As mentioned already, living with a birthmark is not ideal for everyone. If you have a birthmark that you hate and want gone, there are several removal techniques that can help to get rid of those. There are an extensive range of birthmarks that may occur.

While some remain the same through the years, some may lighten or darken with age and some can grow into medical complications – in which case removal becomes imminent. With the advancement in technology and invention of laser techniques, removal of birthmarks of all types permanently or reduction in their appearances is now more easily achievable.

Treatment options usually depend on the type of birthmark and the area it is located. Natural options like lemon juice, iodine solution to lighten the marks, olive oil, tomato juice, vitamin A creams, or vitamin E oils or a birthmark removal cream may help with reducing the effect of a birthmark but these are not scientifically proven or verified.

Corticosteroids, taken orally, topically or through injections can get rid of vascular birthmarks. These act by slowing down the mark’s development and reducing the size but these are not absolute.

Laser resurfacing – An ablative or non-ablative laser tool with fractional laser beams is used that emits energy required to break down the cluster of cells under the skin into tiny fragments. The body’s natural immune system then takes these cells away naturally and thus causing the birthmark to fade. This procedure is versatile and is ideal for the removal of most types of vascular or pigmented birthmarks as well as acne scars or simply to rejuvenate the skin.

Light therapy – Intense pulsed light is used to close off the blood vessels underneath the skin where the birthmark is located causing the mark to fade eventually. These are also helpful in case of most spot marks, unwanted acne, scars, age spots, or freckles.

Skin types prone to excessive scarring, dry skin or darker skin tones are not ideal for laser resurfacing or light therapy treatments. There are also common side effects that include temporary bruising, hypo pigmentation that causes lightening of the skin around the treated areas, swelling, redness or peeling – all of which go away or reduce on its own in the days following treatment.

Surgical Excisions – The best way to effectively remove any type of moles that penetrate deeper into the skin is to surgically cut them right out of the skin surface using techniques like punch excisions, shave excision, and surgical excisions. A small blade, curved razor blade, or a scalpel is used to scrape moles or any unwanted growth from the skin surface and can be effective cosmetically as they do not tend to leave scars.

Since these kinds of birthmarks go deeper into the skin, lasers or light therapies aren’t really effective. To fully extract an entire lesion, or a mole that has grown back after previously being removed by a punch or shave excisions, or a mole larger than 8 mm, surgical excision or full-thickness excision is employed. These methods are also used to collect samples of subcutaneous or dermal tissues around the mark to be diagnosed for cancerous cells.

While risk of scarring is minimal and mostly depends on individual skin types, surgical excisions can sometimes leave scars.

Removal of a birthmark may take time, effort, patience, pain, and money – it’s definitely not cheap but can get quite pricy depending on your choice of treatment. Seek the guidance of your doctor in choosing a treatment that is best for you.

Birthmark Removal Cream: There are some other treatments available that you can opt for, the birthmark removal cream is natural and safe to use. The ingredients used in the birthmark removal cream play an important in treating birthmarks. Always opt for a birthmark removal cream which is made from natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals used. Here are some of the best creams that help you in getting rid of birthmarks naturally.

Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream

With a blend of safe and effective ingredients, Meladerm will produce attractive results and work toward the users’ best satisfaction. It comes with a reasonable price and starts showing results in a few weeks.

It can deal with irritating skin problems like

  • Helps you to get rid of dark spots, freckles and age spots
  • Eliminates hyperpigmentation
  • Reduces the appearance of birthmarks and scars
  • Even skin tone
  • Lighter skin tone

Meladerm contains active ingredients that work together in synergy to tackle age spots and skin pigmentation from the root. Some of these ingredients include:

  • Alpha Arbutin – This is proven to inhibit the production of melanin, thereby preventing the formation of age spots and other dark pigmentation.
  • Vitamin B3 is also known as Niacinamide, and it helps to brighten and lighten the epidermis.
  • Gigawhite – It will help to inhibit pigmentation. Some of these plants include Melisma Officinalis Leaf Extract and Achillea Millefolium Extract. This product is a safe and more effective alternative to the very harmful hydroquinone.

Because it has many herbal ingredients, it can give a natural glow to your skin; reduce dark spots, blemishes, acne by making it healthy. It does not contain chemicals like hydroquinone or mercury or toxins or steroids but works using herbal and natural products, so it is safe for all skin types. Meladerm can make your skin lighter and gives a natural glow to the skin. It is one of a kind cream that can make your skin deal with skin problems naturally. Make sure you stay away from UVA; UVB rays when you use it and make sure you apply sunscreen of at least SPF-50 when you go out in the sun.

Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum

Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum is a multi-action formula designed to address the problems related to age spots. This product also provides the skin with good quality moisture, while at the same time combating all the factors that lead to premature aging. The exact content of the products that make up the whole system is known to very few. However, there are unique qualities in this product which is why Amaira has become one of the best selling skin lightening products on the market. It has only been created after extensive research and was brought to the market by a group of scientists.

The product also features a power booster that not only brightens the complexion but also aids in maintaining it without any harmful side effects. As compared to other creams available in the market that can also help in eliminating the effect of wrinkles, Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum is more efficient. It gives excellent results and provides the skin with abundant moisture. The application of the product is straightforward and highly recommended to consumers who want to extend their life span by several years.

The product has some active ingredients which have helped its popularity increase significantly. Some of the factors that make this product different from other similar products are its form and quality. Its unique composition is known to everyone, and no one can understand it easily. It also has a natural oil that is known to fight the external effects of sun rays effectively and helps to moisturize the skin in a better way.


Zeta White lighting serum is made from totally natural ingredients and thus it is safe for any tone and type of skin. It contains all the goodness of fruit extracts that have proven effects on skin whitening and brightening process.

  • Coconut oil: This is known to give the necessary suppleness to the tissues and helps in smoothing fine lines by stimulating the production of collagen that is instrumental in holding the new tissues together and lending an even tone and smoother look. Coconut oil is rich in antioxidant vitamin E and increased collagen improves dark patches and scarring and gives clear and radiant skin.
  • Apricot oil: This is enriched with vitamin A that is responsible for the maintenance of the lipid barrier and elasticity of the skin. The skin is healed faster and protected against bacteria and harmful toxins. The oil is high in Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA), which aids in maintaining natural moisture balance in the skin and prevents acne. Regeneration of new cells as well as smoothening out of wrinkles is facilitated due to enhanced production of collagen. The oil is instrumental in protecting the skin from UV damage.
  • Licorice extract: Licorice root is known to contain licochalcone that is a skin-calming agent and Liquiritin, which is skin lightening compound. Both these elements are responsible for restraining the enzyme tyrosinase that causes skin darkening. The combined effect of the two compounds arrest production of dark pigments.

How to Use?

Zeta White LogoZeta White is a 3 in 1 product. It is a face wash, skin lightening moisturizer, and night cream. The product has to be used in three steps to acquire maximum benefit and visible effects.

Step 1: Before you start any treatment, cleansing is very important to get rid of dirt and grime from pores. The deep cleansing process helps to remove the make-up and other previously applied creams or lotions from the skin. Zeta White Lightening Face Wash should be used twice a day – morning and evening. Massage it gently in a circular motion and then rinse off. Gently pat dry the skin. This will help open clogged pores and allow them to breathe.

Step 2: Application of moisturizer in the second stage ensures that the skin is revitalized and well hydrated. The beneficial components of moisturizer freshen up the cells and give a radiant glow.

Step 3: Applying the night cream at bedtime after a deep cleansing process helps to remove the dead skin and repair damaged cells. In the morning you can wake up with rejuvenated skin.

When will the Results Show?

The results are clearly visible within 3 weeks from the commencement of the use of the product.