Skinception- Illuminatural6i Advanced Skin Lightener Review

Skinception- Illuminatural6i Advanced Skin Lightener Review

The cause of dark spots is a substance known as melanin; this chemical is sometimes responsible for skin color. In some areas of the body, there would be an increase in melanin release, causing the darkening, dark spots, etc. This is where Illuminatural comes in.

Illuminatural 6i advanced skin lightener is a powerful yet gentle combination that lightens dark spots and skin blemishes naturally. The cream deals with not only that but also:

  1. Freckles
  2. Sun and age spots
  3. Birthmarks
  4. Acne scars
  5. Melasma
  6. Liver spots

The cream is a powerful combination of clinically proven active skin lighteners and plant-based ingredients, emphasizing natural exfoliants, collagen production, and plant-based filters. The process works effectively with the body’s own 28-day skin regeneration process.

Skinception- Illuminatural6i Advanced Skin Lightener Review

The human skin regenerates; specifically, the epidermis’ outer layer undergoes constant renewal every 28 days in which new ones replace cells that have been turned superficial. The speed of this turnover is faster in a child and slows down across our lifetime. The healing process also slows down.

And while this process occurs where Illuminatural 6i comes into action, it helps in this slough away of the dead and damaged skin cells, which new ones replace. This way, Illuminatural changes the skin brightening game by using the natural skin process instead of relying on chemicals.

Dr. Dave David, M.D. is a practising cosmetic surgeon who has appeared in Time magazine among the world’s leading aesthetic surgeons recommends thyme use of this product to his patients who deal with skin damage due to environmental factors.

This glow is different from the chemical light achieved using other products that contain mercury, which researchers indicated links to risk of cancer, congenital disabilities in babies, organ failure, and other bodily problems.

The best results from using the cream come within three cycles of this regeneration process, around 90 days. Still, some users report noticeable skin lightening within four weeks of daily usage of the product.

The company Skinception offers a 67 day NO RISK money-back guarantee, in which the company provides the customer to use their product for 67 days risks-free. If it doesn’t work for you, you can send the empty container, and the company will provide you with a hassle-free refund.

The product’s dermaceutical advanced formula cuts down the product’s competition and provides a flawless, air-brushed, ivory-toned complexion without any side effects. Products such as Hydroquinone, steroids, or bleach are not used while making the product. The product provides all the benefits of other famous creams just without any side effects associated with them.

The product components such as Niacinamide, Sodium lactate, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Whitnoyl, Alpha-Arbutin, etc. Niacinamide is used to produces keratin, a protein that helps keep skin and hairs healthy, helps protect against UV damage, repairs the skin, and is also known to treat hyperpigmentation.

Sodium lactate is known to retain water twice as much as glycerine, thus keeping the skin hydrated and protects the skin from getting dry, flaky, and lustrous less. A test group showed that using sodium lactate thrice daily for 24 days increased whitening.

Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate is a form of Vitamin C used to protect the skin from free radicals, promote collagen formation, reduce hyperpigmentation and keep the skin hydrated.

Whitnoyl is known to reduce melanin pigment; it works as a skin uniformer, brightener, and regulates melanogenesis. Alpha Arbutin is the safer version of hydroquinone; it lightens, brightens, prevents hyperpigmentation.

These benefits can be yours at only a cost of $59.95 for 50ml, which works for a month; as a sale is going on, the price is currently $49.95.

Pros of the product:

Cons of the product:

Customer Reviews:

  • I have dark spots on my cheeks, and this product is working for me. It has a pleasant feel, and I put my makeup over it. I have used four weeks and seen a difference. My spots are fading. I also use SPF over it as the sun will make them dark again if I’m not careful. Overall, I am happy and excited that something is working. I did not want to see a Dr. or use hydroquinone because I’ve read that it is poison.
  • I have a lot of freckles esp get darker when I am in the sun. I wanted to lighten them, and this product works fast. Within two weeks it was a noticeable difference. I wear SPF 30 over it to prevent the sun from darkening them again. It feels like a lovelycream, and I wear it morning and night.


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